discuss how different subjects or disciplines approach topics differently

For the Unit 6 essay, you will discuss how different subjects or disciplines approach topics differently. The three subjects or disciplines discussed in Chapter 6 are academic/scholarly; history; and pop-culture.

You will write a 5-paragraph essay discussing how the three articles approach the topic of camouflage using the same features differently.
P.S the whole body.
UNIT 6 Notes for the Essay
Critical reading requires more than understanding new vocabulary
words and identifying the main idea and supporting details. Effective
readers know that they must use different strategies when they approach
different types of writing. Depending upon which academic field you
find yourself in, you will find that each discipline has its own way of
communicating. Even when writing on the same topic, historians,
scientists, artists, and psychologists will tackle the topic differently. In
this lesson, you will learn how to approach three particular disciplines—science,
history, and pop culture.
Unit 6 discussed three difference disciplines:
Science, scholarly, or academic publications are based on research. The authors
are experts in the field, and they write articles to be read by their peers, who are
also experts in the field. These publications are credible sources because they have
been thoroughly researched. Any type of journal article is a
science/academic/scholarly publication.
Example: “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” by Lila Hogler
Historical publications provide evidence to the facts of history or is based on
people and events of the past. They are written by authors with knowledge in the
field. Example: “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” by Kyle Gibson
Pop-culture publications inform and entertain readers on current events and pop
culture phenomenon. They contain articles and are typically written by a staff
writer or journalist for a general audience. The magazines and newspapers includes
many photos and ads. Example: “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in Stripes” by
Samantha Owens
Directions: Read the notes below. Make sure you read the
stick notes as well. 2
Writing Features
Each discipline contains the seven writing features below. However, they
communicate each feature differently. Read how each feature is communicated in
the three articles read in this class.
1. Author’s Purpose: Authors write with three main purposes, which
are to entertain the audience, persuade the audience, and inform/
explain to the audience.
• The purpose(s) of pop-culture publications can vary depending upon the
topic. For example, the purpose(s) of “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in
Stripes” by Samantha Owens are to inform and entertain how “razzle and
dazzle” and “camouflage” can be applied to style and fashion.
• The purpose of “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” by Lila Hogler is to
inform about using biomimicry and camouflage in nature
• The purpose of “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” by Kyle Gibson is to inform the
reader on how the British navy used camouflage and strips as a war strategy
during WWI.
2.Tone is the emotion or mood of the author’s written voice.
• The tone of “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in Stripes” is informal,
informative, and entertaining
• The tone of “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” is formal and objective.
• The tone of “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” is informative and academic.
3. Intended Audience is who the writer expects to read the text or
who the author is writing for.
• “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in Stripes” intended audience is the general
public or everyone. These are written using informal and everyday language,
so they are easily understood by all.
• “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” intended audience is professionals in the field
and non-professionals interested in history.
• “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” intended audience is researchers and3
specialists who are peers of the writer(s). Language is specific and
will be difficult for others to understand.
4. The Specific Language: All academic
disciplines have their own terminology and specific language.
• “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in Stripes” uses informal, friendly, and
everyday language, so it is easy to understand.
• “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” uses specialized terminology or jargon related
to time period and the event.
• “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” uses specialized and academic
terminology related to biology and biomimicry.
5. The Organization of the reading: All disciplines are also organized
and structured in specific ways.
• “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in Stripes” organization style is informal,
non-standard, and does not have references or footnotes.
• “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” is organized in a chronological way and tells the
action, causes, and events of using camouflage and stripes to stop enemy
• “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” uses specialized and academic
terminology and is organized using paragraphs and headings.
6. The Discipline-Specific Features of the text: Each discipline has
traits that are specific to that particular field.
• “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in Stripes” features are designed to attract
readers. The features include ads, glossy photos, and illustrations.
• “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” features include using diagrams of navy ships
and photos showing how the British Navy used camouflage and stripes.
• “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” features include using photos and
figures to illustrate points in the article.
7. Reader’s Goal: Why is the person reading the material? Readers read with
specific goals in mind. Usually, a reader’s goal matches the writer’s goal. For4
example, authors of historical publications write to inform readers on past events.
And readers of historical publications read to be informed on a past event.
• The reader’s goal of “Razzle Dazzle! Fashion ‘Stars’ in Stripes” is to be
informed and entertained how “razzle and dazzle” and “camouflage” can be
applied to style and fashion.
• The reader’s goal of “The Nature of Things: Biomimicry” is to be informed
about using biomimicry and camouflage in nature.
• The reader’s goal of “Don’t Sink my Battleship!” is to be informed on how
the British navy used camouflage and strips as a war strategy during WWI.1
The Essay
Listen to message from your instructor: https://voca.ro/1b2SrTI5R5o2
You will write a 5-paragraph essay discussing how the three articles approach
the topic of camouflage using the same features differently.
Each paragraph must have at least 7 sentences. Essay must be at least 800
First, select three features to use. In your notes, there are seven features. You need
to select ONLY three. You will discuss how each article communicates the three
I. Introduction Paragraph:
• Define the topic
Example: Each discipline has its own unique way of communicating.
• Introduce the three disciplines (science, history, and pop-culture) and state
which article belongs to which discipline.
• Summarize each article in 1-2 sentences
• Provide the thesis. In the thesis, you need to state the three features that you
will discuss about each article. Your notes cover 7 features; select three of
them to discuss in your essay.
Example thesis: The three articles utilize purpose, tone, and reader’s goals
differently in order to analyze the same topic.
II. Body paragraphs: You will have three body paragraphs. Only discuss two
articles per paragraph. Mix and match so that you use each article twice.
• The first sentence of each body paragraph is the main idea sentence that tells
what the paragraph will be about. Use transitions (first of all, also, in
addition, second, etc).

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