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cRQWePSlaWiYe eQYiURQPeQWaliVP aQd UeadiQg Rf MaUWiQe]¶V We RiVe aQd hiV VXggeVWiRQV fRU
acWiQg RQ Whe cliPaWe cUiViV aV ³VRlXWiRQaUieV.´ WhaW aUe Whe ORcaO eQYiURQPeQWaO/cOiPaWe iVVXeV
WhaW aUe UeOeYaQW WR eiWheU PCC, PaVadena, Whe L.A. UegiRn, RU VRXWheUn CalifRUnia. WhaW
UeOeYaQW TXeVWiRQV haYe \RX beeQ aVNiQg afWeU UeadiQg WheVe We[WV? PeUhaSV cRQVideU hRZ Whe
iVVXeV Rf eQYiURQPeQWaOiVP aQd/RU VRciaO jXVWice UeOaWe WR \RXU chRVeQ PajRU RU caUeeU SaWh? IQ
ZhaW aUeaV ZiOO \RX be UeTXiUed WR aUgXe a cOaiP RQ a VXbjecW?
SWeS 1: DeYelRSiQg Whe PURjecW: UViQg Whe gXideliQeV VeW fRUWh b\ MaUWiQe], ideQWif\ aQd UeVeaUch a
lRcal eQYiURQPeQWal SURbleP WhaW QeedV WR be VRlYed:
(1) ReVeaUch Whe SURbleP iWVelf: WhaW iV Whe cXUUeQW SURbleP? WhaW iV Whe hiVWRU\ Rf Whe
SURbleP? WhR iV beiQg affecWed? WhaW eYideQce iV UeleYaQW (facWV aQd VWaWiVWicV, hiVWRUical
iQfRUPaWiRQ, e[aPSleV aQd illXVWUaWiRQV, caXVal iVVXeV)?
(2) IdeQWif\ ZhR iV iQ SRZeU, Zh\ Whe\ aUe iQ SRZeU, aQd ZheWheU Whe\ aUe e[eUWiQg SRZeU RYeU
Whe ViWXaWiRQ, ZRUkiQg WRgeWheU Yia cRaliWiRQV, aQd/RU ZRUkiQg ZiWh SRZeU ZiWhiQ e.g. SeUVRQal
PRWiYaWiRQV WhaW lead WheP WR WhiV ZRUk? (MaUWiQe], 222-223).
(3) WhR aUe Whe SSecWUXP Rf AllieV? IdeQWif\ ZhR aUe Whe AcWiYe AllieV, PaVViYe AllieV, aQd
NeXWUal fRlkV, aV Zell aV ZhR aUe Whe PaVViYe aQd AcWiYe RSSRViWiRQ (MaUWiQe], 223-226).
(4) IdeQWif\ RQe SeUVRQ WR iQWeUYieZ ZhR iV UelaWed iQ VRPe Za\ WR Whe cXUUeQW SURbleP \RX aUe
UeVeaUchiQg. AVk Whe TXeVWiRQV deliQeaWed b\ MaUWiQe] (226-227) WR diVcRYeU WheiU SWRU\ Rf
Self, SWRU\ Rf UV (aV Whe\ defiQe iW fRU Whe gURXSV Whe\ ideQWif\ ZiWh), aQd Whe SWRU\ Rf NRZ,
alRQg ZiWh aQ\ RWheU TXeVWiRQV WhaW \RX deeP aV UeleYaQW WR \RXU UeVeaUch.
(5) UViQg all Rf WhiV iQfRUPaWiRQ, begiQ WR ideQWif\ a VRlXWiRQ (RU VRlXWiRQV) WR Whe SURbleP.
(a) IdeQWif\ Whe caPSaigQ WaUgeW (³ZhR haV Whe PRVW SRZeU RU iQflXeQce RYeU a deciViRQ´
[MaUWiQe] 227]). IQ RWheU ZRUdV, cRQVideU \RXU aXdieQce fRU WhiV eVVa\, bRWh iQ WeUPV
Rf SUiPaU\ aQd/RU VecRQdaU\ WaUgeWV: WhR Zill \RX haYe WR cRQYiQce? Will \RX haYe WR
cRQYiQce lRcal SRliWiciaQV, ciW\ cRXQcil PePbeUV, VchRRl bRaUd PePbeUV, leadeUV Rf
cRUSRUaWiRQV, PePbeUV Rf CRQgUeVV, lRcal YRWeUV, eWc.? WUiWe \RXU eVVa\ VR aV WR
edXcaWe VRPeRQe abRXW a SaUWicXlaU SURbleP aQd WR WheUeafWeU cRQYiQce WheP WR Wake
a VSecific acWiRQ.
(b) DeliQeaWe \RXU gRal (XViQg Whe SMART PeWhRd [MaUWiQe] 228]) aQd a SURjecWed
WiPeliQe fRU WheVe gRalV. IQ RWheU ZRUdV, ZhaW VWeSV Qeed WR be WakeQ iQ RUdeU WR
Ueach WheVe gRalV.

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