Plan the Cloud Deployment Implementation

Paper details:

Start Here Graphic with two panels, the first shows a hand holding a phone on a video call. The video call shows a woman in a casino speaking, “Hey there! The conference is going great. I just wanted to check in and ask what workload is moving to the cloud first.” “We’re prepared to start with backups and archiving.” The second panel still shows the video call, “That makes sense. Go for it. Send me the runbook when you’re dones. I’ll present it in the next executive meeting.” “You’ve got it. Enjoy the rest of the conference.” “Thanks. Talk to your later.” Your work to move BallotOnline’s operations is progressing, and executive leadership is happy with what you have proposed thus far: a policy document as well as an architecture plan for cloud deployment. In the meantime, the procurement department has selected a proposal in response to BallotOnline’s request for proposal for some additional cloud services. The winning proposal is going to use AWS for the next round of service migration. Cloud computing architects are expected to use major cloud service offerings to deploy specific workloads. Your next step is to deploy one of the workloads that you evaluated and documented in the Cloud Development Architecture Plan to ensure that everything will work smoothly during the transition to the cloud. You decide to deploy BallotOnline’s backups and archiving in the cloud infrastructure, since this is typically the first workload that goes to the public cloud. To do this, you will need to determine the appropriate cloud service offerings to deploy backups and archiving and proceed with the deployment. You will use your documentation from the deployment to develop your final deliverable, a runbook describing the processes and procedures for managing the cloud backups and archiving deployment. Then, in the next project, you will use the runbook to develop the operations manual, which everyone in the organization will use. Currently, BallotOnline is using Windows servers for its file servers. For this project, you have selected one of the smaller file servers and will set up backup and archiving to the cloud for the server. As BallotOnline’s cloud architect, you will need to go through a series of steps to deploy the backups and archiving. First, you will create the virtual private cloud (VPC), which will house the AWS assets. After you have created the VPC, you will then create a storage bucket that will be later used to house your backup data. You will then use the IP address and credentials to BallotOnline’s file server to back up user data to AWS S3 using your cloud backup service (Cloud Sync). You will also deploy Data Broker (AWS software) that will be used by Cloud Sync to process the backup requests. After Data Broker is deployed, you will complete the deployment process for Cloud Sync. Then, you will be ready to back up BallotOnline’s data to AWS S3. You will proceed through six steps. The project will take about two weeks to complete. The BallotOnline executive leadership team will evaluate the runbook to determine the degree to which you are able to meet BallotOnline’s cloud adoption policies as well as the organization’s business needs for deploying these workloads in the cloud. Once again, your challenge will include creating the best process for implementation while balanciagnng the cost of doing business.

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