Human Capital Theory

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  • The Module Leader will be available in the first hour of timed release to respond to any queries via a discussion board on blackboard


  • As you will have access to resources to complete your assessment any content you use from external source materials will need to be referenced correctly. Whenever you directly quote, paraphrase, or summarise someone else’s ideas, you have a responsibility to give due credit to that person for their work. Support can be found at skills/referencing-your-work


  • This is an individual piece of work so do not collude with others on your answers as this is an academic


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[Module Specific Information is on the next page]


















[Questions start on the next page]


Module code and title: 5HURM008W Managing People


Online Timed Assessment                       50% of the Module Mark



Section A Answer all 10 Questions 30%
Section B Answer 2 of 4 Questions 70%




Answer All 10 questions on this sheet

Highlight the Correct answer on the Multiple-Choice Question (a) [1 mark]


Give 2 pieces of information per extension question (b) [2 marks] 300 of your own words for this section


Q1. (a) What does “engagement gap” mean?

  1. The engagement gap is the gap between optimal engagement and the current engagement levels
  2. Means people are not getting engaged/married
  • Means employees at workforce hate their job
  1. Means employees in the workforce are not fully engaged or are disengaged
  2. None of above

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Give two consequences of the engagement gap?
    1. Consequence one would be


  1. Consequence two would be


(2 marks)


Q2. (a) Which of these is illegal in the UK?

  1. CIPD code of Professional Conduct
  2. Promoting Equality
  • Gender Neutral wording of advertisements
  1. Genuine Occupational Requirement
  2. Prioritising the Business Case

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Explain what a Genuine Occupational Requirement is and when it might be
    1. A Genuine Occupational Requirement is


  1. A Genuine Occupational Requirement might be used when


(2 marks)


Q3. (a) Banks (1988) helped to determine the Job Needs Analysis via the

  1. Job Relevance Listing
  2. Job Component Inventory
  • Job Performance Management
  1. Job Requirements
  2. Job Design

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Why is it so important to perform a Job Needs Analysis?
    1. It is important to perform a Job Needs Analysis because


  1. It is also important to perform a Job Needs Analysis because


(2 marks)


Q4. (a) Puncheva-Michelotti et al.’s research (2018) into using CSR to attract candidates found:

  1. Companies with a poor CSR reputation often took advantage of any little gain to attract candidates
  2. Companies misrepresented    their    CSR   reputation    when    advertising vacancies
  • Companies with a great CSR reputation took little advantage of their CSR image to attract candidates
  1. Companies did not know that their CSR reputation was as high as it was
  2. Companies compared their CSR reputation to other companies to attract candidates.

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Suggest two reasons why a good CSR reputation might attract candidates
    1. A good CSR reputation might attract candidates because


  1. A good CSR reputation might also attract candidates because


(2 marks)


Q5. (a) Which one of these are part of Future Work Skills

  1. Sense Making
  2. Social Intelligence
  • Novel & Adaptive Thinking
  1. New Media Literacy
  2. All of the above

(1 mark)


[Question continues over page]


  • Extension Question: Name 2 aspects of Computational Thinking for future work skills
    1. One aspect of Computational Thinking for Future Work Skills is:


  1. Another aspect of Computational Thinking for Future Work Skills is:


(2 marks)


Q6. (a) 2020 ratios of CEO pay against median unskilled workers did NOT include

  1. 21st Century Fox 113:1
  2. Walmart 209:1
  • Pepsico 259:1
  1. Starbucks 204:1
  2. Disney 367:1

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Suggest two issues that pay inequity presents for engaging staff?
    1. One issue that pay inequity presents for engaging staff is:


  1. Another issue that pay inequity presents for engaging staff is:


(2 marks)


Q7. (a) Human Capital Theory justifies higher wages by

  1. Segregated occupations
  2. Discrimination on effort applied
  • Conflict Assumption
  1. A series of successfully completed tasks
  2. A skillset trade off against pay

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Suggest when organisations might use this when appointing a new member of staff
    1. Human Capital Theory might be used when


  1. Human Capital Theory might also be used when




Q8. (a) The Development of Total Reward has to factor in

  1. External Benchmarks
  2. Internal Pressures
  • Managerial Needs
  1. Career Development
  2. Research on Pay Equality

(2 marks)






(1 mark)



[Question continues over page]


  • Extension Question: Expand on your answer by providing two relevant details
    1. Additional detail One for Total Reward


  1. Additional detail Two for Total Reward

(2 marks)


Q9. (a) Kaplan & Norton (1996;2001) claim that the BSC helps to

  1. Align managerial performance to organizational strategy
  2. Align the organization’s strategy to the individual capability
  • Align team performance with organizational goals
  1. Align individual performance with team goals
  2. Align individual performance with organizational strategy

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Of the 4 perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard outline what TWO of these would evaluate
    1. Perspective Name:                                                         This evaluates:


  1. Perspective Name                                                                 This evaluates:


(2 marks)


Q10. (a) In Forced Ranking/ The Vitality Curve the 10% section is comprised of

  1. Players
  2. Stars
  • Cash Cows
  1. Steady Eddies
  2. Top

(1 mark)


  • Extension Question: Identify how TWO of the elements related to Forced Ranking would be assessed in the appraisal process
    1. Forced Ranking element                                           Assessed as:


  1. Forced Ranking element                                                 Assessed as:

(2 marks)


(Total for Section A: 300 marks)







Section B: ONLINE TIMED ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS: 35 marks & 850 words  per Question

Your task is to address TWO of the four questions below

All answers should include relevant models taught on the module. You may also reference academic journal research and business examples to support points made.


Q11. Performance Management

Directors, Graduate Trainees, Managers and Administrators require performance appraisals. Recommend appropriate appraisal processes for two of these groups, using models from those taught on the module to justify your choices.

(35 marks: 850 words)


Q12. Reward Management

Armstrong (2016) states that Reward must be: “fair and be seen to be fair”. Illustrate how HR can construct fair reward for at least two staff levels from: unskilled, graduate trainee, managerial, specialists or Directors

(35 marks: 850 words)


Q13. Leadership & Engagement

Critically examine how leadership has evolved to engage teams by analysing two of the leadership models you have studied: Dansereau et al. (1975) Leader/ Member Exchange and Obolensky’s (2010) Complex Adaptive Leadership in relation to at least two other models taught on the module

(35 marks: 850 words)


Q14. Sustainability and GHRM

Examine how HR could use Green HRM to create a sustainable offer for a post-Covid19 organisation, linking to at least two models taught on the module. You may underpin your answer with reference to recent research.

(35 marks: 850 words)






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