Gun Control Essay

Gun control is a topic that continues to be one of the most controversial issues in America.

There are topics about gun control that can be discussed including statistics, opinions, and facts.

When writing an essay on the issue of gun control, you must decide which topics you wish to discuss. When writing an essay, it is important to include proper English grammar as well as correct punctuation.

You should use this article only as a reference when conducting research on how to write essays regarding the issue of gun control.

It is also important to have some background knowledge before creating your own argumentative essay on gun control.

For example, history has shown that stricter gun laws do not necessarily cause less violence or crime rates to drop.

The United Kingdom has one of the toughest gun laws in the world yet it also has one of the highest crime rates when compared to other industrialized countries.

Gun control arguments vary greatly depending on which point you are making.

For instance, some people feel that gun control is necessary because stricter regulations for firearms will decrease violence in America while others feel that guns should not be regulated at all because stricter rules will take away our constitutional right to bear arms.

There are several types of gun control arguments including strong and weak arguments, ethical arguments, moral arguments, logical arguments, practical arguments, and utilitarianism argument..

When writing essays about gun control many people choose to focus their argument on history or statistics instead of including a moral or ethical standpoint.

For example, many people have strong feelings about gun control because of violent events that have occurred recently in schools and universities throughout America.

This is a good topic to focus on when writing an argumentative essay about gun control because it directly relates to current events.

However, readers will be more likely to agree with your essay if you also include other types of support for your opinions such as logical or practical arguments instead of only focusing on history or statistics.

Writing essays should not be too difficult especially if the rules are followed correctly.

When writing an essay make sure to follow these basic steps:

1) Plan what you want to say (outline, thesis statement). Make sure you include background knowledge on the topic of gun control.

2) Write an introduction that includes your main points and thesis statement.

3) Write a body with facts or empirical data to support your argument. You may wish to use quotes from experts in the subject of gun control if they are wanted by politicians, scientists, etc… Use more than one quote for each separate point you are trying to make.

4) Include a conclusion that summarizes your points again. This will help readers understand what you are arguing for better. It is also important to include some sort of reminder of your thesis statement so the reader understands how all your facts relate to each other instead of just throwing information at them without any order or sense of purpose.

Remember that the more facts you include, the stronger your argument will become but try to use facts that are relevant to what you are trying to say.

People who write essays without any organization or direction tend not to be as successful in expressing their ideas because it becomes difficult for readers to understand where they are going with the essay when there is no point of reference.

When writing an essay about gun control it is important to remember that background knowledge and statistics help support arguments and opinions better than personal accounts and experiences alone.

Writing an argumentative essay about gun control can be difficult especially if the writer has little experience in writing this type of essay.

For example, if a person tries to talk about gun control without including anything about statistics or history then their essay will end up sounding more like an opinion piece rather than an argument.

This means that the person’s opinions are not backed by any sort of fact or statistic so it is unlikely that readers will agree with them.

On the other hand, writers who have experience writing essays on gun control understand how to include their own opinions as well as background knowledge in order to support their ideas adequately.

A good way to compare these two different types of essays is to read an argumentative essay about gun control first then go back and read a personal account of someone who witnessed gun violence without being able to write an argumentative essay about gun control.

a strong argumentative essay does not only include facts and statistics but also includes the writer’s opinion or personal account.


If your topic is gun control then find statistics that show how much less crimes are committed by people with guns in countries where there are stricter controls on guns.

Citations for these statistics should be included at the end of the body paragraph to show readers where you got this information from. You can choose to either use a quote or give a citation for each statistic you want to mention in the essay.

For example: In Australia, which has some of the strictest gun laws in place, homicide rates have declined by 50% over a ten-year period (Carter & Elkins).

In addition, according to a report released by The American Journal of Medicine, the United States gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than that of other high-income countries (Carter & Elkins).

Not only does Australia have strict gun control laws but also their citizens are keenly aware of the dangers guns can have to public health. This awareness can be seen in a quote from an Australian woman who says “guns aren’t cool, they kill people” (“Gun Control In Australia”).

In contrast, opinions about how dangerous guns can be seem much more skewed in America. An example of this is a quote from Wayne LaPierre, the president of the National Rifle Association who said that having a gun in one’s home was “the ultimate check against poisoned in your own kitchen” (“Gun Control Essay”).

Even though both Australia and America have similar rates of suicide, the difference can be clearly seen when looking at the numbers for homicide rates.

This is just one example but there are many more statistics that support what gun control in American could look like if stricter legislation was put in place.

It would be a good idea to include some or all of these in your essay so you can back up your opinions with facts and show why you believe certain things should happen. For instance, instead of saying “restricting access to guns means fewer crimes,” it would be better to say “in countries where access to guns is restricted, their citizens experience less crime than citizens from countries where easier access to guns exists” (“Gun Control Essay”).

A common argument against gun control in America is based on the idea that guns are needed for self-defense.

For example, if a stranger comes into your home, you might feel safer knowing that you have a gun in order to protect yourself and your family. This would be known as “the classic push-me pull-you of American politics” (“How Gun Control Made America Safer”) because this argument has been used many times before when trying to argue for or against stricter gun laws.

However, it can be quite difficult to find any factual evidence supporting this claim about how citizens are able to defend themselves with guns.

When taking a closer look at these claims, statistics indicate that instances where guns are used in self-defense are drastically outnumbered by crimes involving firearms.

For instance, many claim that during the Holocaust people had more chance of survival if they were able to own a gun (Nelson). However, this runs contrary to what actually occurred when citizens possessed firearms during the Nazi invasion (“Gun Control Essay”).

Instead, when Nazis invaded homes and townships within Poland they focused on seizing firearms from citizens before rounding up Jews and other “undesirables” for extermination (Nelson). Also, in places like Cambodia and Rwanda it’s been shown that when there was armed resistance against the regimes the violence lasted longer and caused more death than in areas where no arms were present within the general populace (“How Gun Control Made America Safer”).

Overall, this argument does not seem to be supported by statistics and it’s a good idea to include these facts in your essay.

In fact, some even go as far as saying that “guns kept in the home for self-defense are 43 times more likely to kill a member of the household than they are to kill an intruder” (“Gun Violence In The US”). This would be another statistic you could add on top of others you have found to strengthen your essay.

Finally, while using statistics may help support your main points it can also help if you weave in personal experiences or anecdotes from people who have experienced gun violence first hand.



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