Project Placement Memo Assignment

Project Placement Memo Assignment
Instructions: Now that you know the details of the winning proposals, make your case for being assigned to one you would like to work on. Think carefully about the needs of the project group in terms of your experience/familiarity with the topic, wri?ng skills, ?me management, leadership, computer skills (graphics to email), interviewing & research skills, ability to work as part of a team, sources available to you, etc. Remember to offer proof for each of your claims. If you can think of any objections to your being assigned to this team, summarize and counter them briefly.
Remember that this is about what you will contribute to a group, not what you would prefer to work on and why. Use at least 2 sources to support your claims, footno?ng them in the body of the document, and lis?ng them correctly in a Works Cited sec?on at the end of the document immediately aLer your closing (same page). Note that for this assignment you ARE allowed to argue for placement on a team that is based on your own idea.
Format: Memo, wri8en in Word and submi8ed to me via our Moodle pla=orm
Length: Keep the document to 11⁄2– 2 pages using headings, lists and graphics if/where appropriate.
✓ Precise subject header!
✓ Situa?on/Message/Response introduc?on. Tell me what team you want to be on. Name your
second and third choice.
✓ Assessment of what the Team Project Needs [you can break this down into subheadings if you wish, though this is not necessary]
✓ Explana?on of what you “bring to the table”: Under a minimum of THREE headings, explain how your skill-sets (portable/transferable from other disciplines, jobs, classes, etc.), contacts, accomplishments, and experience make you a fine fit for the team project on which you’d like to be placed. Provide “proof,” explaining how such skills, etc., have achieved results in the past. (Headings might include – and are not limited to – things like wri?ng skills, project management, research skills, interviewing skills, awards, leadership, teaching background, linguis?c ability, related workforce/industry/academic background, etc).
✓ Back up your claims with at least two cita?ons/footnotes (to a teacher, boss, associate, etc., who can vouch for what you are saying). You can use any format you’d like, but be consistent.
✓ Counter Poten?al Objec?on: Explain why somebody might realis?cally OBJECT to having you on a par?cular team, then deal with that objec?on in some way: countering it, minimizing it, pu_ng it into a posi?ve context, etc.
✓ Name your second and third choice for team project. No explana?on required.
Direct effect on my Educa:on?
• Networking Benefits?
• Business Communica:ons/Wri:ng/Research
• Entrepreneurial Possibili:es?
• Sa:sfies a personal goal (friend’s goal; family
• Appropriate, useful real world applica:on?
✓ Proper Closing Paragraph
Bob Basil, Instructor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University Smart KPU Student
September 28, 2018
CMNS 3000 (A76), Choices #18 & #29
At your request, I am writing this memo to assess and propose two term projects from the generated list of ideas for CMNS 3000 individual and class projects.
Our CMNS 3000 class has been asked to select two term project ideas from the generated list of ideas for individual and class projects. I have compiled the following criteria to assess the project ideas, based on a combination of the provided suggestions and my own personal interests. I have selected the following two project ideas:
1. (#18) – Ban Plastics that are not Recyclable from all of KPU’s Campuses
2. (#29) – Evaluate, Support, and Raise Awareness for KPU Students’ Mental Health
1. (#18) – Ban Plastics that are not Recyclable from all of KPU’s Campuses
KPU has recently increased its recycling and composting program to include “non-refundable metal, glass and plastic (numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5) containers” as well as organic waste collection. This means that currently, KPU diverts “everything from food scraps and refundable bottles and cans to newspaper, magazines, envelopes, handouts, paper coffee cups and sleeves, and plastic sandwich containers purchased from Tim Hortons and Grassroots” from the landfill (2018). While this is a strong initiative for recyclable plastic use, there is currently no plan in place to ban the use of plastics that are not recyclable, such as single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, and textbook plastic wrap.
Project Analysis
• Research Opportunity?
Initial research indicates that both KPU and the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) support sustainability initiatives with a focus on recycling and composting on all four campuses.
Memo to Bob Basil, KPU Instructor September 28, 2018 Page 2

Appropriate, Useful Real World Application?
In an opinion piece written to The Vancouver Sun, Malcolm Brodie and Heather Schoemaker of the National Zero Waste Council state that “every year, local governments in Canada spend approximately $3.2 billion managing 34 million tonnes of waste.” Brodie and Schoemaker argue that “the solution is not better waste management, it’s waste prevention. We need to design waste out of our economy” (2018). Adopting a Single-Use Plastic Reduction Strategy or banning these items from Kwantlen campuses would reduce KPU’s environmental footprint, aligning the university with Metro Vancouver’s Regional Single-Use Plastic Reduction Strategy.
(#29) – Evaluate, Support, and Raise Awareness for KPU Students’ Mental Health
The scope of this project would include evaluating the practices currently in place by the KPU (in addition to the work the KSA is currently promoting), and will research comparable programs available at other universities such as UBC, SFU, Douglas, and Langara.
Project Analysis
• Writing Opportunity?
CMNS students will be able to work collaboratively and individually to demonstrate their technical writing skills to a variety of audiences. A proposed primary audience would be the KPU Board of Governors, as the recommendations provided within the report directly impacts KPU’s services. The secondary audience would be Bob Basil, and the stakeholders or tertiary audience would be the KSA.
• Research Opportunity?
Preliminary research indicates that KPU provides a number of mental health services, including: Counselling Services (KPU, 2018), Peer Support Program (KSA, 2018), Student Health 101 Magazine ([SH101], KPU, 2018), and the KPU Pieces of Mind Mental Health Conference on October 24, 2018. Proposed primary research would include interviews with the KSA Peer Support Program and KPU Student Services to assess any other mental health resources available to KPU Students. Secondary research could include analyzing comparable programs available at other universities such as UBC, SFU, Douglas, and Langara. Government resources and funding opportunities could also be analyzed.
I will look forward to your comments regarding the evaluation of these project options. Please provide your feedback via email by October 5, 2018. this is a memo  
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