Money Back Guarantee Essay

At Quality Custom Writers, clients are entitled to get a refund of their money if they receive shoddy work. Therefore, students have the right to ask for their money, but we can only send the money to the initial payment source. A money-back guarantee means you if your paper has flaws and the writer cannot correct them, we will refund your money. Students are eligible for a money-back guarantee when:

  • They don’t receive the academic paper.
  • You receive an assignment that does not match your expectations.
  • When writers deliver a shoddy job

What happens if the writer does not respond?

Under our money-back guarantee, the writer has three business days to resolve your issue. If they disagree, you can ask us to intervene and help. We will review your case and decide within 48 hours.

At, your money is safe. To make you feel comfortable when placing an order, we have created a unique refund program. (Money-back guarantee). The money-back policy allows you to request your cash in case you encounter any problem that leads to your dissatisfaction. We try to be transparent and avoid taking sides until we know the problem. However, before the refund, students have the option to ask for unlimited revisions of their specific paper. This is per our effort to ensure students’ satisfaction and the need to create good relationships with clients.

We value our public image and that is why we take all the measures to ensure we resolve the issue and the affected party is compensated. Students are our main priority and the reason for our existence as a company; therefore, at no point do we take advantage of their trust in us and exploit them. When you reach out asking for a refund, the customer agents will connect you with the right person in charge of management. Their role is to establish the source of the problem and figure out the right channel to help you get your refund as compensation for the inconveniences.

Our Money-Back Guarantee Policy

All our clients are important, and we would not wish to lose anyone due to a misunderstanding that can be resolved. We take the money refund requests seriously and give a stern warning to writers if they are at fault. Quality Custom Writers being a site that houses freelancers, we cannot keep tabs on what is happening every moment. That is why we rely on the students’ information and evidence before making a decision. Therefore, upon request for a refund, please attach the paper and highlight the problem. Managers use such information to ensure that you get back your money or unlimited revision based on your take.

At Quality Custom Writers, we consider every student’s complaint and make sure we act accordingly as per the outlined money back guarantee essay policy. Therefore, if you have any problem with your paper, feel free to reach out immediately so that the writer can correct it. Our goal is to make sure you get the best services for the amount you pay.

What are the conditions for getting a refund?

At Quality Custom Writers, we are considerate and passionate about our customers’ satisfaction. Therefore, if we do not meet your needs we have clearly outlined the procedure to help you reclaim your money and also know instances that may lead to rejection. All other factors considered, you are entitled to a money back guarantee essay.

We have the right to reject refund requests if you have already received a written project. In cases where the project meets the needs that you requested for then our company will not refund the money. Students are only entitled to get their money back immediately under the following circumstances. Therefore, if you have an issue partaking situations below, you have the right to claim a full refund

  • You pay twice for the same paper. In this case, send us a note explaining the situation, and we will refund the extra money to your account.
  • If you cancel your order and no longer need your assignment, you are entitled to a full refund within 2 hours after placing an order.
  • If no author was assigned your assignment, and you feel you are running out of time, or you have another option, you can ask for a refund. However, such cases are rare in Essay and Thesis Writing Services. If we don’t have a qualified writer to assist you with the assignment, we will notify you immediately and give you a full refund.
  • The written paper contains mistakes or is full of plagiarism. If our writers submit a project with any traces of plagiarism, we take the responsibility of rewriting and correcting the errors. However, as a student, you have the final say, and whatever you decide our team shall consider it.

Money Back Guarantee Assurance

Why we might reject your Money refund request

There are also situations where we reject the refund and students will not get the money as per their request. We do not intend to favor any party that is why we take time to investigate and if we find out the following, then you are not entitled to a refund.

  • If the writer submitted the paper on time, and it was high quality without traces of plagiarism, we are sorry to inform you that you will not get the money back. That is per our policies showing that the writer deserves payment for their work.
  • In cases where your teacher gives you a lower grade than you expected, it is unfair to come back and ask for a refund as this doesn’t really count as a money back guarantee essay. First, we are not responsible for how your supervisor decides to mark your paper. Our role was to provide you with an assignment according to your instructions and that is our limit.

When students are not contented with the final paper, they have the right to open a dispute with our manager. You can do this by contacting our support staff who will link you directly and ensure your issue is resolved. Quality Custom Writers is a Company well-known for providing high-quality research and academic writing assistance to students all over the world. Therefore, since 2008 we have been offering refunds to students with valid reasons.

Is there an alternative for Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. Quality Custom writers have an alternative for the money-back policy. No human is perfect and our writers might make mistakes sometimes and submit a paper with some grammar or spelling mistakes. Instead of asking for a refund, we do recommend students ask for unlimited revision.

Our writers are always willing to get back on the drawing board and check the errors. They will take their time to proofread the entire paper and correct both grammar and spelling mistakes. The same happens when you find out your paper has 5% plagiarized content. The writers will take responsibility and correct your paper until you are happy. We accept revision requests within the first ten days in which our writers submitted your paper if it is a basic assignment or homework. For dissertations, Thesis, or other complex papers, students have a grace period of 30 days to request an unlimited revision.

Revision Policy

However, before we accept the revisions, we make sure that it does not contradict with your previous instructions. A request to change some areas which go against the instructions you submitted first will be treated as a new order. Therefore, in such cases, you will be charged extra cash for the added services. We highly advise our customers to ask for revisions before the refund because most of the cases can be solved.

It is also much easier to work on the revision as compared to the refund which takes time. This will be an inconvenience because of time wastage, yet your deadline is approaching. Our goal is to make sure that students are happy with our services and get good grades. Therefore, you can have faith in our writers by submitting your academic paper for revisions rather than directly asking for a refund. We are open to taking multiple revisions until we meet your expectations. It is mutually fair to apply for the money back guarantee essay policy as the last option.

How are the refunds calculated?

Yes… With a lot of clients to deal with, it is nearly impossible to keep track of writers and the projects we have completed, and the name of various students. Therefore, to ensure efficiency and the ability to handle every important issue as it arises, we have set periods.

Clients’ who are not happy with their academic papers and need refunds should contact us immediately. However, we have a time frame of seven days to ensure you obtain a Return Authorization Number. It is important because it helps us keep track of students we need to resolve their issues.

Once you get the authorization number, we guarantee your refund. 100% refund is given to students whose papers were submitted past deadlines, 50% to students who we cannot find a suitable writer to take care of the revision process, and 20% to students who canceled their order when the paper was almost complete.


Our Money-Back Guarantee essay policy applies to any student who has an issue with their paper. At no point do we try to favor some and leave the rest because all our customers are equal. Whenever you have a problem with the paper that was delivered to you, you have the right to reach back. You can reach out to the writer if you want revision or to our customer agents if you need a refund for the paper. If you get in touch with the customer agent, they will direct you to the right professional to take care of the issue. First, we take time to investigate the paper you provide as evidence by cross-checking with your earlier instructions. If your complaints are legitimate, you will get a refund immediately after we resolve the issue.


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