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Many people do not know that there are several types of essays. When you hear the word ‘essay’ what comes into your mind? Have you ever thought of how many types of essays exist? Very few people have. You should note that there are different types of essays. Each one of them has a unique writing style. Have you ever heard of an Analysis Paper essay? It is also referred to as an Analytical Essay.

Just like any other essay, writing this type of essay is not a simple task. Notably, for this essay, you will have to produce a logical argument to support whatever you are writing. This is not an easy task for any student. Constructing a logical and relevant argument is an expert’s job. That is why you should consider hiring an expert. Are you in need of an expert to write your analysis paper essay for you? You cannot look further than Qualitycustomwriters. We have some of the best experts in essay writing with many years of expertise. Hire one for yourself today.

What Is an Analysis Paper Essay?

This type of essay paper is also known as an analytical paper. This is a type of essay that requires you to present some type of argument to support what you are analyzing. You should not confuse it with a summary. An analytical essay answers how something does what it does or why it is as it is.

Get An Expert Procedure of How to Write a Five-Star Analysis Paper Essay

Are you sure you know how to write a good analysis paper essay? Just like any other essay, this must also be captivating. This is the only way your lecturer will give you a quality grade. But you cannot write an interesting essay if you do not know how to even start. Our experts at Qualitycustomwriters use the following procedure to deliver an interesting essay.

Choosing A Suitable Topic 

In case you have provided our experts with the topic, this step will be skipped. If not given, our experts will choose an excellent topic for you. Our experts will pick a specific topic that can be thoroughly discussed. A good topic should also not be too specific to deny you enough jurisdiction to explore your essay.

A Rigorous Research on The Topic of The Essay

Nobody can write an essay on a topic they have absolutely idea about. It follows that doing research on the topic is prudent and mandatory. Once they have the topic, our experts collect data and any necessary evidence for the discussion of the topic.

While at it, they are always keen to note down the sources of their data. This comes in handy during referencing to avoid the work being flagged for plagiarism. At this stage, they also make an effort to know the thesis of the essay. Obviously, many students do not have access to all the resources required to carry out such meticulous research. Without any research, your essay will be nothing but rumors.

Creation Of an Outline

Essay writing requires a creative mind with the ability to organize ideas and thoughts in a logical manner. An essay outline helps the writer do exactly this. Our experts at Qualitycustomwriters understand how well to use this outline. They use it to write short notes on what they will actually write in the essay and when they will actually apply each of the ideas.

They organize these thoughts into paragraphs. Each outline is given its own paragraph. Our professionals are very clinical at organizing each of the outlines in a logical manner to ensure that your essay has a flow. In the end, you can be sure of having a spectacular essay.

Writing of a Draft

Writing of a quality essay is the end goal of each of our experts. For this, each one of them has to be very meticulous in the process. Writing a draft of the essay is a good step towards a quality essay. They use the outlines to guide them right the draft.

During this stage, our experts write a captivating and comprehensive introduction detailing what is to be expected in the essay, providing the thesis statement, and giving the background information. of the essay.

Similarly, our experts are very clinical about the conclusion. Their conclusions are very unique and they will leave the reader in awe. To achieve this effect, they use powerful clincher statements to avoid using common statements like “in summary”.

Revising The Draft

The draft is never meant to be the final paper. This stage gives the experts an opportunity to improve the phrasing and word choice and edit out any unnecessary or tangential parts. They pay particular attention to the precision of facts and details.

Proofreading Of the Essay

We attach preference to the quality of essays we deliver to our clients. the goal is to make sure you score highly in your grades. This is why our experts go the extra mile to read through the essay for yet another time. During this stage, they identify grammar errors, phrasing, and adding or removing content. By the time they are done with the revision, your essay will be nothing but an embodiment of perfection.

It is crystal clear that our experts give you essay writing a very thorough and professional approach. This is the reason why you will score an A+ if you hire one of them.

Qualitycustomwriters is the Home of Quality Analytic Essays / Get An Expert’s Format of An Essay Worth An A+

A good essay should be sported from afar.  There are visible characteristics of an essay that speak a lot about the essay even before someone reads it. For example, the paragraphing, the title, the length of the introduction, and the conclusion too. These components are key and they will more often than not convince a person whether your essay is worth reading or not. So, what should a good essay look like? Our experts will design your essay in the following format:

The Introduction

This is where your thesis statement will appear. Analytical essays deal with only one topic. For that reason, the expert will try as much as possible to exhaustively give the background of the essay. The actual analysis should not appear here.

The Body

Here the expert will explain each point and even offer evidence to support the thesis. Each of the points will have its own paragraph. It makes the biggest part of the essay.

The Conclusion

Your conclusion will have no new evidence or concepts. It is simply a wrap-up of whatever the essay is about. It is meant to reiterate all the evidence presented in the thesis.

Why Hire Someone to Write Your Analytical Essay for You?

Are you wondering why you should hire someone to write your analytic essay on your behalf? Look at the following reasons.

Analytic Essays Have Tricky Arguments

As may have realized already, these types of essays are a little tricky to write. This is because it involves collecting evidence and presenting it in a logical manner while supporting the thesis statement. This task is not easy for any student. This is precisely why you need an expert; to present your arguments in a logical manner.

Analytic Essays Need Proper Research

As you have already learned above, these essays usually need proper research to have valid evidence to support the thesis statement. Without this evidence, your thesis statement will mean nothing. But doing this research on your own as a student may not be possible at times. However, experts are dedicated to doing such tasks.

Students Lack Time

It is an indisputable fact that students are always very busy with classes and extra-curricular activities. As a result, you may even forget that you had an essay to write until the day of submission arrives. That is very risky for your academics. To avoid such risks, hire an expert to write your essay for you. It will be delivered on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Analysis Paper Essay?

Also known as an analytical essay, it is an essay that deeply examines a single topic, often a creative work, to reveal certain conclusions or prove theories held by the essay’s author.

What Is the Structure of An Analysis Essay?

Just like most of the other essays, they have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, the body paragraphs have a stricter emphasis on facts, logic, and empirical evidence compared to other essays.

Can Qualitycustomwriters Deliver My Analysis Essay In 24 Hours?

Yes, we can. Immediately you assign your essay to one of our experts, and they will get down at it. In case you need it in 24 hours, just indicate so in the instructions. You may be surprised to receive your essay as early as 3 hours!

Which Is the Best Website for Writing Analysis Essays?

Qualitycustomwriters is the leading website for writing quality analysis essays. We pride ourselves on a group of professional experts in essay writing with many years of experience. In fact, some of these professionals have been teachers of essay writing. This means that they understand exactly what an essay should look like.

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Pay Someone to Write My Analysis Paper Essay

Pay Someone to Write My Analysis Paper Essay

Our Recently Completed Questions

Question 1

Galapagos Finches

Create a discussion in approximately 175 words using the below content and cite all work.

Darwin’s readings took him to a predictive theory of how species might change with time: what later thinkers have called microevolution.

Darwin’s philosophical worldview then took him beyond his evidence to a conviction that environmental constraints could create whole new structures and organisms. Soon Darwin’s theory of macroevolution replaced the Creator with an environment that could create solely by constraint.


Question 2

Post Responses for the following:

Describe the goals of the Affordable Care Act.
Is access to healthcare a right or a privilege?
How does the historical context of healthcare policy intersect with social justice and the mission of social work?
Explain how the clarity, or lack of clarity, around a policy, affects the usefulness of that policy for the intended population.


Question 3

Exceptional Learning and Inclusion Project.

This week you will begin working on your Exceptional Learning and Inclusion Project. This project will consist of four mini-projects representing the knowledge you have gained throughout the course, demonstrating your mastery of the course learning outcomes. Just like children have different strengths for displaying their understanding of concepts they learned, so do you as university students. Additionally, we want your work in this course to be applicable to your future career. Therefore, for your Exceptional Learning and Inclusion Project, you can choose various project options to showcase your knowledge! For the first part of your project, focus on the history of special education and laws, policies, and procedures that have helped shape the current state of inclusion presented in Week 1 of class.

To prepare,
Read Chapter 2: Teaching Children in Special Education.
Choose the project you will create to demonstrate an understanding of the first-course learning outcome (CLO) from the options below:


Question 4

Problem solving

For this assignment, you will be compiling data and generating plots based on data in three separate spreadsheets. You will need to rely on the relational data unit to join the necessary tables together, the data manipulation unit (dplyr) to group and summarize the data, and then the visualization unit to plot the summarized data.

The required data is attached here in a .zip archive. There are three files: orders.csv, customers.csv, and cookies.csv.

Because the homework requires a sequence of specific steps, I have set up an R notebook with the outline of the assignment. Please turn in a knitted document in MS Word.


Question 5

Alternative Art:

SKILLS: Recognize and write about the ways a work of art can reflect the time period when it is made. Recognize what the viewer’s role can be in experiencing, and completing, a work of art.
TASK: Read Chapter 2.9 and 2.10. (included down below)


Question 6

Intellectual Property Dispute

I am a product designer. Research, compare, and contrast an instance of intellectual property dispute in your own area of practice, which is product design. Please include images.


Question 7

First page rough draft

Write a researched argument essay that is at least six pages double-spaced. For this assignment, you will write a research essay about an issue, its effects, your stance, and how it compares/contrasts with other viewpoints.


Question 8

Discuss the impact of a clinical practice problem on the patient or patients and the organization it affects.

  1. Identify each of the following PICO components of the clinical practice problem:
  • P: patient, population, or problem
  • I: intervention
  • C: comparison
  • O: outcome
  1. Develop an evidence-based practice (EBP) question based on the clinical practice problem discussed in part B and the PICO components identified in part B1.


 Question 9

  1. Select a research-based article that answers your EBP question from part B2 to conduct an evidence appraisal.
  2. Discuss the background or introduction (i.e., the purpose) of the research-based article.
  3. Describe the research methodology used in the research-based article.
  4. Identify the level of evidence for the research-based article using the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (JHNEBP) model.
  5. Summarize how the researcher analyzed the data in the research-based article.
  6. Summarize the ethical considerations of the research-based article. If none are present, explain why.
  7. Identify the quality rating of the research-based article according to the JHNEBP model.
  8. Analyze the results or conclusions of the research-based article.
  9. Explain how the article helps answer your EBP question.


Question 10

.  Select a non-research-based article from a peer-reviewed journal that helps to answer your EBP question from part B2 to conduct an evidence appraisal.


  1. Discuss the background or introduction (i.e., the purpose) of the non-research-based article.
  2. Describe the type of evidence (e.g., case study, quality improvement project, clinical practice guideline) used in the non-research-based article.
  3. Identify the level of evidence in the non-research-based article using the JHNEBP model.
  4. Identify the quality rating of the non-research-based article according to the JHNEBP model.
  5. Discuss how the author’s recommendations in the non-research-based article help answer your EBP question.


Question 11

.  Recommend a practice change that addresses your EBP question using both the research-based and non-research-based articles you selected for part C and part D.

  1. Explain how you would involve three key stakeholders in supporting the practice change recommendation.
  2. Discuss one specific barrier you may encounter when implementing the practice change recommendation.
  3. Identify one strategy that could be used to overcome the barrier discussed in part E2.
  4. Identify one outcome (the O component in PICO) from your EBP question that can be used to measure the recommended practice change.


Question 12

Measuring drinking water quality by TDS

We have conducted an experiment in class where we had to pick a water bottle brand and any tap water to bring them to class and test their TDS. Each group in the class had their own water bottle brand results along with their tap water and I have included the data below. For this assignment we must conduct a report analyzing this data and comparing ours with others. We used “Mai Dubai” as a brand and had Sharjah Tap Water. We tested each one 3 times through 3 tubes and calculated the average to get our number which is on the data provided next to “Mai Dubai” and “Tap water (Sharjah)”. The report should have an introduction that is 1 page minimum to a page and a half, a methodology section that is half a page, a results section with a few tables and graphs (could be a graph just for our tap water results, table for our Mai Dubai results, anything along those lines as long as there are tables, graphs, percentages of some sort) explaining the results with “As shown on this graph/table, the results show that…, between the samples this is what we found…)” with this section being around 2-3 pages. In this results section also add the calculations involved with the experiment such as the process of doing it 3 times and finding the average. Then comes the discussion section which should be 3 pages or more discussing what the results exactly mean.


Question 13

Discussion questions (Each answer has to be 250 words)

  1. Explain how sampling design, inferential statistics, and generalization work together to form the foundation of quantitative research.
    2. Discuss the three primary research designs and potential shortcomings with each.
    3. Discuss the advantages, limitations, and researcher considerations when using a qualitative methodological research strategy.
    4. Compare and contrast the four levels of scale measurement.


Question 14

optimal formulation of topical vitamin C for maximum effectiveness in reducing visible signs of photoaging.

Write a theoretical framework on page 4 from scratch, around 150 words.

Then paraphrase the Literature Review page 5 (themes 1,2 & 3), which I wrote as I copy and pasted all the text from the second part of my assignment so it needs rewriting. Also, edit the literature review table in the appendices. in total around 450 words.


Question 15

Dissociative Identity Disorder


Question 16

Historical event and magistrate in action, early childhood education

In a 750-1,000 word essay, describe relevant historical events and legislative actions that have shaped early childhood education. Choose actions that have been integral in making early childhood education what it is today.


Question 17

Using Time-Series Databases as Storage Backend for Heterogeneous Test Drive Data

In the realm of Automotive Software Engineering, especially during the development of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) or algorithms for autonomous driving, a large number of test drives is required, either real or virtual in a driving simulator. Such test drives produce very large amounts of raw sensor data streams which have to be stored for analysis and to replay the whole test drive in a virtual environment to ease debugging.
For these scenarios, the Professorship for Computer Engineering develops a flexible aggregation and analysis platform for automotive test drive data as part of the TUC DriveCloud project. Basically, the system is a big data storage which provides a standardized API specifically for vehicle clients to store their streams and for analysis tools to retrieve desired data.
Problem Statement
TUCDriveCloud stores sensor data streams as part of test drives, i.e. each collection of streams belongs to a test drive which contains information about the vehicle the data was recorded with. Each data stream consists of sensor values tagged by a recording timestamp (basically a tuple of ). Currently, these streams are either stored in a traditional, relation database system (MySQL), HDF5 files or as mp4 files.


Question 18

Phonology, loanwords

Write a thesis about loanword phonology in Qassimi Arabic dialect using the theory of constraints and repair strategies

The paper is about loanword phonology to describe in detail how some English sounds that are not used in Arabic are replaced with their closest counterparts applying the theory of constraints and repair strategies. I need the thesis to focus on results analysis discussion and conclusion and maybe parts of the introduction


Question 19

Case Scenario -Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    How did Dr. Werner’s use of agenda-setting impact the session with the client differently from the first to the second viewings? Specifically, where there any inconsistencies between the session and how Dr. Werner explained agenda setting? If you had been the therapist, what would you have done differently in the agenda-setting component? Be specific and provide clear examples to support your ideas.
    In the video, two clients explore their core beliefs. In which session was the therapist most effective and why? Provide specific examples from the video to support your choice.
    After viewing this video and reading this week’s content as a way of gaining a more in-depth understanding of the differences between automatic thoughts, assumptions, and core beliefs, explain these concepts utilizing your own analogy. You must use an analogy different from what was presented in the video and readings.


Question 20

analysis on trends in nursing education

Students will write an engaging and informative review of the journal article including reflections on the implications to one’s personal journey and transition into practice. The paper should be a minimum of 800- 1000 words in length


Question 21

Healthcare DEI, discussion 2

Education level is a significant determinant in health disparities because there is a correlation between years in school and health outcomes. Is this statement true or false? Why? Describe the link between education and health.


Question 22

 Digital Economy – Existing Digital Activities and Strategies of a chosen organisation

  1. Identify a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) [ i.e. an organisation that operates in its country of origin and also has a branch abroad] in the continent where you reside You will need to do some research into this organisation, so you need to consider what information is publicly available on the organisation e.g., through its website, news articles or other documentation. This should be through secondary sources; you shouldn’t approach or question the organisation direct.


Question 23

Smart Discussion Post

Review the SMART Goals website. Then, complete the steps below to develop one SMART goal based upon a learning objective/goal from a lesson plan you use or have developed. Post your responses (to the Goal, Questions 1-5, and Revised Goal) in this Discussion and then answer the questions in Step 2.


Question 24

Newspaper Article Essays

find a recent news article (from a credible source – email me if you are unsure of a source) about a current event (from 2022/2023) that is UNRELATED to our course material and write a paper about how the article relates to the topics discussed each week.


Question 25

Discussion Thread: Normative Political Theories and Disaster Management

Regarding normative political theories (models) and disaster management, after having read the text and any additional research you choose, explain the political contributions of Jefferson, Hamilton, and Jackson. How do these theories apply or relate to disaster management? Which model do you most support or find applicable/useful regarding disaster management and/or homeland security and why?



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